The 5 most frequently asked questions about alarm systems

The number of Flemish people who choose to purchase an alarm system continues to rise. Nevertheless, many households that are considering investing in a professional alarm system are still faced with various questions. In this article you will read the five most frequently asked questions about alarm systems.

Why should I buy an alarm system?
Your home is a place that is meant to make you feel at home and safe. Unfortunately, the number of home invasions in Belgium increases every year. In Belgium there is a burglary every 6 minutes. This is as many as 240 burglaries per day. A burglary is never entirely preventable, but an alarm system makes potential burglars think twice before they take the step to break into your home.

How do I find the right alarm system with the right price?
Comparing quotes will save you a lot of money as you can compare prices. In addition, you can easily come into contact with various professionals from your residential area. These specialists will give you tailored advice and all the information you need to make the perfect choice. Ask for free, no-obligation quotes and find the best specialist for alarmsystemen.

Which type of alarm system is best for me?
There are different types of alarm systems. It depends on the situation which alarm system is the best option for you. Below you can read a short explanation about the different types of alarm systems.

A wireless alarm system is with as much as 90% the most common alarm system in Belgium. These systems are easy to install and can also be moved with you. In addition, there are many inventions in the field of wireless systems and they are becoming less and less sensitive to interference.

You often see a wired alarm system in the business area. These systems are custom made to secure a building. The cabling makes this system extra reliable. With wired alarm systems, you will have little or no trouble with malfunctions. However, the installation of a wired alarm system is a lot more complicated.

A hybrid alarm system combines the best features of a wireless and wired alarm system. This gives you an easily expandable alarm system with the reliability of a wired system. This alarm system is difficult to move with because some components are wired.

How reliable is an alarm system?
People often think that alarm systems can be easily sabotaged. This is true if you buy simple alarm systems. However, a professional alarm system is always provided with parts that make sabotage impossible and unnoticeable. When a sensor is pulled from the wall, it automatically triggers an alarm.

Even if a component no longer works, this is often indicated by the system. So you don't have to worry that a professional alarm system is unreliable.

What are the advantages of an alarm system?
An alarm system has a lot of advantages, such as the fact that you can leave home for a long time with a good feeling, for example for a holiday. An alarm system has two types of operation, reactive and preventive, more:

A reactive effect means that in case of burglary, the system does what it is made for. Usually this is to alarm the control room and make a siren sound. This gives the burglars very little time because all the attention in the neighborhood is drawn to the sound made by the siren. In some cases, a security company can visit your home and assess whether or not it is a false alarm.

A preventive effect means that the alarm system deters potential burglars. If you have a visible alarm system, a burglar will often choose an easier target.

An alarm system also provides personal benefits. An alarm system makes you feel a lot safer in your home. A burglary can have a lot of impact and is therefore worth preventing. An alarm system will reduce the chance of burglary in your home environment.