Home invasion: All figures in a row!

A break-in every 10 minutes. This indicates that there are still an enormous number of burglaries in Flanders every year. A burglary can never be completely avoided, but you can do a lot to reduce the chance of burglaries considerably. But where and how (often) is there actually a burglary? To give you a better idea, there is a handy infographic available, which shows all the figures in one overview.

The infographic is shown below in the form of a photo. Did you know, for example, that burglaries take place every 10 minutes? If you want more information about alarm systems, you can click on the images. By clicking on the image you can download an information brochure with all the information you need for an alarm system, free of charge and without obligation.
Home invasion: all the figures in a row!
Compare alarm system quotes
Are you aware of the fact that a home invasion could happen to you at any moment and are you planning to purchase an (extensive) alarm system? Then comparing quotations is the right solution. By comparing free and no-obligation quotations for an alarm system, you can make the best choice between the various alarm systems, associated possibilities and alarm specialists. By comparing quotations, you save on the purchase of an alarm system and you also strive for a safe living environment.

The best alarmsytemen

If you want an alarm system, it's best to choose quality. That's why it's better to choose alarm systems that are European 'grade 2' approved. These burglar alarms have been extensively tested. They meet strict quality standards.

The major disadvantage of non-approved alarm systems is that they often give false alarms. In the beginning, you worry about nothing. After a while, you will no longer react alertly to an alarm. You get used to it and you think it's another false alarm.

The best alarm system is one that detects a burglary before the thief is inside your home. Outside detectors detect a burglary when the burglar is in the garden. But many outdoor detectors are sensitive to false alarms because they hang outside. The reflection of the sun in the detector, birds, cats or other animals and hail etc. These are all things that can cause a false alarm. Most outdoor detectors are best combined with camera surveillance for verification. For example, don't worry unnecessarily if the outdoor detector is set off by the neighbor's cat.

An alarm system with magnet / vibrate contacts is in many cases one of the best alarm systems. These sensors detect vibrations on windows and doors. The alarm goes off when the burglar knocks or drills into a window or door. The detection happens when the thief is not yet inside. The chance of false alarms is very small compared to outdoor detectors.

So the best alarm system is an alarm system that is risk 'grade 2' according to European legislation and where one works with magnet / vibrate contacts to detect a burglary before the burglar is in your home.